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With the use of the Internet, it is possible to complete a people search by name. Whether completed by the person who is searching, which will cost nothing, or completed by a company, for a nominal fee, anyone can find any person they lost contact with.

Since this is a people search by name , the best place to start online is social network websites. Most social network websites offer free services, but will require that the consumer sings up and opens an account.

FaceBook is probably the most popular social network website today. After signing up for an account, one can search for people, organizations, and companies, and communicate with them. One exciting feature of this community is that one can do a search by name, but not only. Since all members have a number of friends on the website, it is easy to do a search based on interest. If the searcher is looking for musicians, all they have to do is befriend a few musicians. Then, they look at their friends’ lists of friends and have the ability to find individuals or companies that share similar interests.

MySpace is a very similar website dedicated to social networking, even though it is a bit older than FaceBook. The main difference on MySpace is that one is not required to become a signed member in order to perform a basic search. However, without signing up, the ability to search for people and/or companies is somewhat limited.

LinkedIn is a website that offers social networking between business people. It is quite different from FaceBook and MySpace, in that all members focus on their business identity and activity. This can be a wonderful tool for the searcher who is trying to locate an individual in the business world. Like with most other social networking websites, LinkedIn requires that the consumer signs up for an account. Like the other two websites mentioned above, the services offered are free of charge.