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 People Search by Name

If signing up for an account with one of today’s social networking websites is not desirable, the consumer has other options at his or her disposal. Yahoo People Search is a wonderful tool to find individuals, and it is completely free. By entering information about the person being searched, Yahoo will provide all available information on name being searched. The beauty of this free service is that it offers the option to enter different amounts of information in the search query. One can enter just the first and last names, or perhaps a geographical location, and even a phone number. If this information is not available, it will be provided by Yahoo, as long as the right name is provided.

If any of these searches do not provide adequate results, a paid service might prove worthy of the investment. is a great example of completing a paid search for any individual. Fees are usually flat-rate, and one can purchase a year subscription which would allow them to complete an unlimited number or searches. There are great testimonies by individuals that completed a people search by name very successfully on websites like MyLife.